Head Lice Treatment in the Spring and Houston, TX Area

All Natural. Organic. One-Time Head Lice Treatment

What makes us different than other lice removal companies? We provide a one-time, at home treatment that does not require you to continue treatment on your own. Our process is simply a “one and done” concept--once we leave your home, you are no longer contagious. Our services include:

  • Natural lice removal
  • Effective and efficient methods
  • One time treatment in the comfort of your own home

Our pesticide-free, non-toxic formula compromises the external lipid layer of lice and nits, allowing the active ingredient to dehydrate them by osmotic stress. This causes irreversible external and internal damage, resulting in death. Because the treatment kills lice and nits through a mechanical action rather than a chemical action (think permethrins & pyrethrums), they are unlikely to build a resistance to the treatment. Rest assured, all dead lice and nits will be removed so that you/your children will be able to return to work/school right after treatment. Call today for service in the Spring or Houston, TX areas