How Much Does Lice Removal Cost in the Spring and Houston, TX Area?

Keep reading to learn about our prices

The Lice Specialist of Texas charges hourly rates. You won't have to be uncomfortable for long after you contact us. Here is a list of our prices:

  • $125 for the first hour
  • $100 for each additional hour
  • A $50 travel fee for clients more than 30 miles away
  • An extra $75 for holiday work
  • If you are eligible for Discount, the travel fee will be waived, and each 'additonal hour' will be $65 instead of $100. See below for more info, or give us a call to learn more

Long-distance and toll roads also affect your charge. Call 832-629-3919 now to figure out the cost for your lice removal in Spring, Texas or the Houston metro area.

[Many insurance plans as well as FSA/HSA plans will reimburse head lice treatment expenses after you pay for the service and submit an itemized receipt. Some may require a physician’s note recommending lice removal. Contact your plan administrator for clarification – should your insurance company give you the go ahead, we are able to accept most HSA and FSA credit cards for treatments. Again, please check with your insurance policy before hand.

If your HSA or FSA does not cover lice treatment, the service may still be deductible on your family’s tax return – your tax consultant can offer details.

Discounted rates are for those covered under state assistance, as well as our military veterans, educators, and first responders. Verification is required, please contact us for more information.]